6 grandmother tips for cleaning a vacuum cleaner

6 grandmother tips for cleaning a vacuum cleaner

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Scoop: no vacuum cleaner is self-cleaning, not even ultra-modern robots, not even the latest models without bags. To boost performance and keep the house healthy, a vacuum cleaner can be cleaned from time to time! And no need to invest in high-tech gadgets, our grandmothers already knew how to do it.

1. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner before cleaning it

In the days of our grandmothers, we dismantled, we repaired, we reassembled. Even topo cleaning side of the vacuum cleaner, before attacking, we dismantle everything that can be dismantled! No need to go get a screwdriver, we tell you about the nested or clipped parts: undoing the brush, unhooking the hose, removing the bag, etc. And we advise you, by the way, to do it outside or in a room that has not yet been cleaned.

2. Empty the bin or change the vacuum cleaner bag

And we don't wait for the light to come on or for the spitting device to weaken! An almost full vacuum bag or bin makes changing complicated, since a good dose of dust will inevitably escape when handling them. The icing on the aspi, they reduce the suction power of the device and therefore its performance. We therefore act as a preventive measure, by emptying the bins as often as possible and by changing the bag as soon as it is three-quarters full.

3. Clean or change filters

Even the most lambda of vacuum cleaners has at least a filter to protect its motor, preventing the finest particles from sneaking into it. Competition models can use two or three filters to capture more particles and allergens, thereby improving air quality. The catch? After a while, the dust clogs the filters, reducing the performance of the device, damaging the engine ... and rejecting particles in the air with each manipulation. To clean a vacuum cleaner, we think of cleaning the filters! Depending on the model of vacuum cleaner, shake them outside, vacuum them with a hand vacuum cleaner, even wash them with hot water for some ... or simply change them. And as a grandmother, we refer to the user manual to choose the right option.

4. Clean the brush and the vacuum cleaner wheels

The problem with the brush is that it collects dust, sheep, hair, son and hair. Which end up clogging or clogging the hoses and getting tangled in the wheels of the vacuum cleaner. Which girl with long hair does not know the problem? Good news, the solution only costs a little patience: you equip yourself with scissors or a seam ripper and remove everything that gets stuck, in the bristles of the brush as between the wheels of the device.

5. Dust the vacuum cleaner

Should we remind you that a vacuum cleaner is lying around the house, down to the darkest and dirtiest corners? We let you imagine what it harvests, especially since it is not immune to the dust that settles. To clean a vacuum cleaner, we therefore go through a dusting rule, with a microfiber cloth that captures the dust without rejecting it in the air. This, from the pipes to the hose, from the wheels to the body emptied of its bag. And if necessary, we use a hand vacuum to reach the interstices.

6. Disinfect the vacuum cleaner

Dust, dirt, dark corners, the vacuum cleaner is a paradise for bacteria. To stop proliferation, dusting is supplemented with disinfection from time to time! A sponge and soapy water may be sufficient for regular maintenance. But to clean the device thoroughly, we return to grandmother's methods with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. And we go everywhere, including on the brush, before drying perfectly and repeating everything.