Do the dishes faster and have fun in 5 tips

Do the dishes faster and have fun in 5 tips

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Let those who love to wash the dishes raise their hands! When you have to, for lack of dishwasher, it is one of the household tasks that we would happily do without. We have put together five tips for washing dishes by hand faster and having fun (almost).

Equip yourself well to do the dishes by hand

It's the basics if you have to do the dishes by hand daily. With the right equipment, the task will immediately seem less tedious. Think for example of a high-performance drainer, as pleasant to look as it is functional, where you will have cutlery, plates and glasses to dry. You can do without wiping as a bonus! Replace the basic dish soap bottle with a more elegant soap dispenser at the edge of the sink. No more plastic bottles that slip from your hands! It will also be easier to use the right amount of soap. Finally, equip yourself with a suitable sponge that respects the dishes you use. No need to turn to ultra abrasive models: if you do your dishes quickly after the meal, a classic sponge is enough. Change it regularly, without waiting for it to be dirty and smelly, sponges being real nests for microbes, and reserve it for this use only.

Thanks to flexible compartments, glasses, plates and cutlery easily find their place in this elegant and innovative drainer.

Being organized: the essential tableware tip

Motivation too often drops at the mere sight of an uncontrolled pile of dishes. When you clear the table, after carefully cleaning plates, cutlery and dishes of their dirt, remember to order them to avoid cries of dread when you get started. Then choose a bowl rather than the sink to store all your dishes, this will force you to fill it in a less disorderly manner. Large dishes and pots are to be set aside: pour water and two drops of dishwashing liquid into it, then leave to soak for the time needed to wash the rest. Fill your sink or a second bowl with water and start with the cleanest dishes to avoid changing the water too often, for example glasses. And to also save soap, make the bet to finish your dishes without having to rinse your sponge or refill dish soap.

Buy the right dish soap

There are a variety of products. Those promising ultimate degreasing or rapid drying, then the destroyers of bacteria. There are also the ecological ones, the good smells or those for sensitive skin. Choose the formula that you will find most pleasant, the one that you will use with pleasure, like this soap whose smell reminds you of your best holidays. Even if the dishwashing liquid chosen is designed to respect sensitive skin, in case of large quantities of dishes daily, it is best to put on rubber gloves to protect the skin of hands like nails.

Washing dishes with others

An unpleasant moment could well become a much appreciated family ritual if you surround yourself with the task, and above all you will save time! Define the roles of each, designating for example the one who washes, then the one who dries and finally the one who tidies up, and change the roles from one day to another. Start a discussion that is rare but valuable to have when you think about it, like telling your day, talking about the last film seen at the cinema, the last book read or the travel destination for the next vacation.

Do the dishes while singing!

Don't always have time to listen to some music, your favorite radio show or read a novel? If you don't have a ready-made musical compilation, choose an album that makes you want to dance or reminds you of an exotic destination, the moment will only be more lively. You might even want to consider a few leg exercises or light dance steps to give you rhythm. Another parade, keep your mind occupied! Take the opportunity, for example, to listen to the latest podcast of your favorite radio program. Your attention to the show will make time pass significantly faster, and you will surely learn things. You will even be even more in tune with the audio version of the latest bookstore phenomenon, you who complain that you do not find the time to sit on a sofa with a good book.


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