The best advice for combining decoration and small storage

The best advice for combining decoration and small storage

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Combining original decor and functional storage systems, for you it's mission impossible? Not so fast, here is a summary of the best decor tips and tricks to combine the two and get an organized interior without putting your personality aside.

Decorative jars for storage

In the kitchen for your spices, cookies or other sweets, on a desk as a nice pencil holder, on the shelf of a bedroom, in the bathroom to store your beauty products or in the heart of a bookshelf in the living room, Le Parfait's retro glass jars are ideal for combine decoration and storage with brio. These retro accessories will not only allow you to sort and store your everyday objects in an organized way, but they will especially add cachet to your decor, and that in any room. Smart! In addition there are many ideas to customize them to your taste: Posca, labels to print online, paint, etc. Do not hesitate to mix sizes and shapes or on the contrary to opt for a uniform result in order to create a nice little visual effect.

Perfect jars for storing make-up or small accessories: we say yes!

Revisited cake boxes

Whether round, square or rectangular, do not throw away your pretty Sunday cake boxes. They could well serve you to reorganize your dressing room or to store your fashion accessories in your bedroom, your jewelry or even your scarves or belts. Now you will think twice before throwing away this pretty box of tart macaroons. A pretty way combine decoration and storage with simplicity. We validate!

When you have finished all the cakes, remember to reuse these pretty boxes!

Pretty suitcases for your files and papers

It is not always easy to organize your office and get a nice result instead of a mountain of files that could collapse at the slightest movement. So to ventilate this functional space think of pretty vintage suitcases or small old leather chests. This little storage advice you will avoid the overly massive effect of the furniture under the desk and will give an original touch to your studious corner. Perfect for staying focused while keeping your important files or documents in progress by the elbow. So get to work!

Suitcases with a vintage look: nice camouflage for your papers!

Vegetable crates for storage

Tired of minimalist shelves in the living room or overly smooth coffee tables? Don't panic, we have a decorative alternative that is as original as it is functional. To restore character to your room and obtain original storage, opt for personalized wooden fruit and vegetable crates. You can fix them together to get a storage space perfect for displaying your everyday objects or your books. It is also an ingenious alternative to obtain a pretty small bedside table or a very contemporary coffee table. The plus: let your creativity speak by adding touches of bright color.

A reclaimed table with storage space is something you can't refuse!