What materials should you choose for a 100% cheerful interior?

What materials should you choose for a 100% cheerful interior?

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Like everyone, you want your interior to be a real cocoon in which serenity and good humor prevail. But what are the colors and materials to favor to achieve this?

Color your interior by playing on the furniture

If you want to bring color to your home but you do not want to go through the "big jobs" box, know that it is quite possible to change the overall appearance and atmosphere of a room simply by focusing on the furniture that composes it. Indeed, by betting on the color and texture of your furniture storage, worktops, cupboard doors, door knobs and handles, basins or even splashbacks, you can make each room a space that suits you, and that will be conducive to well-being and good humor.

Colors that bring warmth and serenity

© Lapeyre It is well known: in the chromatic palette, each color has a meaning, and can therefore play a role on your mood and the way you feel in a room. This is why people who want to create a cheerful and warm atmosphere in their home have every interest in betting on rather warm colors, synonymous with pep and good humor, such as brown, orange, yellow, purple, beige… Individuals who wish to focus the ambiance of their habitat on serenity, zen attitude and calm can turn to blue, green, white or gray, colors that are second to none to soothe and relax. They will therefore find their place in rooms such as the bedroom ... or the bathroom, a room that you can also arrange according to your tastes and your desires thanks to Lapeyre!

Materials that come in different colors

© Lapeyre If you want to add color to your interior, here are materials that offer a wide choice of colors and shades for your furniture: -Wood : authentic and natural, it is a material that instantly warms a room. The color chosen depends on the color; so, for rather light and warm colors, bet on oak, ash or beech. -laminate : laminate available in many sober colors but also in imitation of noble materials such as wood or colored marble, laminate is an ideal material for modern worktops (kitchen or bathroom). -melamine : with laminate, melamine is the material that offers the widest chromatic palette. Do you want gray, white, blue, or water green furniture, cabinets or storage? With him, all tastes are allowed! -the tiling : whether on walls, a credenza or a work surface, the tiling can take on all possible colors (orange, yellow, blue, plum, green, white, sand, etc.), with a large choice of effects ( lines, shiny, natural appearance…).

A play of nuances and textures

© Lapeyre To avoid overloading a space, it is not recommended to combine more than 3 colors in a room. Fortunately, there are tips to avoid the dull effect of a monochrome look in a kitchen or bathroom. Thus: -Do not hesitate to choose a single tone, but to play on the nuances to decline it in a room with no risk of straining your retina. In the kitchen, for example, opt for a red melamine storage unit, brick door knobs, and a brown laminate worktop. -For a more dynamic rendering, you can also bet on the different effects and finishes of the same material: gray lacquered furniture combined with a matt gray resin worktop or satin finish for example. -You can also bring subtle touches of color (s) in a room by betting on accessories and / or some colorful decorative items!