Flower language: the flowers of happiness, success and friendship

Flower language: the flowers of happiness, success and friendship

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Stop the gloom, it's time to declare out loud our desire for merriment! And to shout loudly our wishes for success, happiness, friendship, fraternity and joy, what could be better than offering a pretty bouquet of seasonal flowers? In the language of flowers, certain varieties are associated with all these happy and joyful feelings…

What flowers to offer to wish someone happiness and success?

By offering flowers, we all secretly wish to offer a little bit of happiness. But if the slightest bouquet has the power to make the person receiving it happy, certain varieties are traditionally associated with a wish for happiness to come. Whether they are deeply rooted in our traditions or whether they deliver a more subtle message, these flowers are to be offered to wish the best to the superstitious ... and to others! * Thrush with thirteen bells: happiness and success in your projects * Four leaf clover: I wish you happiness and luck in all your activities * Sage: I hope you will be protected from all imaginable evil * Edelweiss: I have picked them with so much effort that they will protect you from all evil spells * Lucky bamboo: three stems for your happiness, five for your health, seven for your wealth and eight for your prosperity! * Mistletoe: let's kiss and be happy in our house all year round * Gladiolus: I am happy with your success * Multicolored tulip: I wish everything to succeed you * Sunflower: all my wishes of good health, may everything succeed you, I am proud of you * Red rose: I love you and wish you great prosperity

The edelweiss, a legendary flower that protects the one who receives it

The flowers of gaiety

What flowers to offer to express joy? Yellow and colorful flowers, which celebrate the beauty of nature! * Yellow lily: I find you so cheerful * Lupine: I admire your sense of imagination * Blue Iris: a beautiful event is coming, we are going to celebrate it! * Magnolia: a flower synonymous with cheerfulness and strength

Blue iris heralds good news!

The flowers of friendship and brotherhood

What flowers to offer to a friend? Above all, seasonal flowers, chosen with delicacy and sobriety, which will please without invading. A bouquet not too abundant that will find its place in any vase, in all humility. For a birthday, a dinner, a message of thanks, offer flowers in hesitation! * Begonia: I am your friend or I love you more than you imagine * Ivy: my friendship for you is eternal, we are attached to each other * Carnation: friends for life! * Thought: think of me, I respect you deeply * Fern: I trust you * Wisteria: I trust you, and you? * Myosotis: I have a sincere friendship for you, don't forget me! * Honeysuckle: I have a brotherly love for you * Véronique: I will always be your friend * Zinnia: I send you a testimony of my faithful thoughts * Rose acacia: with all my friendship * Bellflower: I address all my gratitude * Daffodil : I behave with elegance, courage and bravery * Ipomée: count on my most devoted friendship * Anémone: I carry you affection and I trust you

A bouquet of anemones to express friendship in all simplicity

The flowers of sadness, melancholy and mourning

At the opposite extreme, the flowers also accompany us to express our pain to lose a loved one, but also to say the wounds and the sufferings. For mourning, we can bloom the tomb of the deceased's favorite flowers without worrying about the language of flowers, or on the contrary hang on to it when the words are missing and the essential is elsewhere. * Columbine: I miss you so much * Chrysanthemum: I will always love you beyond death * Read: that your coffin bears the bright white of eternity * Immortal: you will be forever in my thoughts * Concern: I am so melancholy without you * Yellow tulip: my love for you is desperate * Cytise: my heart is broken since you abandoned me * White tulip: I beg your pardon

The immortal expresses a feeling for eternity