Shopping selection: 8 radios and accessories to listen to music in the bathroom

Shopping selection: 8 radios and accessories to listen to music in the bathroom

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1- AM / FM radio for bathroom. Available in 13 different colors, € 59, Lexon. 2- Waterproof duck radio for the bath, € 15.60, Basic XL. 3- Bluetooth shower speaker, € 29.95, La Chaise Longue. 4- Waterproof Bluetooth speaker, € 89, Grohe + Philips. 5- Waterproof radio for suspended bathroom / shower, € 12.53, Sayin. 6- Suspended radio with timer and built-in clock, € 54.90, Sony. 7- Waterproof shower radio. Suction cup system, € 23.99, Incidence. 8- Radio suction cup for bath and shower, € 9.84, Sangemama. Whether you're more Goldman, Mercury or Bieber: what does music matter as long as there is sound! And in this quest for relaxation - or wild karaoke, nothing better than pushing the song between the bottle of shampoo and the bubbles of the bath! Suspended, with suction cup or simply placed, the radios and Bluetooth speakers weave through the foam to resonate the playlist of our dreams. With a wide choice of design and price, these technological jewels go well with the decor to subtly integrate into the atmosphere of the bathroom. Ultra colorful model, mini format or contemporary spirit, there is something for everyone and for all budgets. Guaranteed relaxation break without false note in the bathroom!

Wake up to music in the bathroom!