Landscape advice: a sloping garden

Landscape advice: a sloping garden

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Often sloping, the sloping garden undoubtedly requires more time to think than a flat garden. However, this preparatory work stimulates creativity and the presence of a slope makes it possible to create original volume effects, sometimes spectacular.

How to arrange a sloping garden?

First of all, it is necessary to shape the ground by creating different levels, or on the contrary by favoring steep slopes. The creation of a staircase, often unavoidable, invites you to descend easily to the bottom of the garden to admire the whole from below. Here, the bias was to accentuate the slope of the land with high cypresses and umbrella pines planted at the level of the house. In this garden of the Alpes-Maritimes, the alpine varieties transform this sloping space into a real little mountain corner. On the slopes are mixed euphorbia, globular, erigons, thyms, creeping junipers and heather in a rock spirit. From a distance, the garden is a real picture, which can be read from top to bottom or from bottom to top. But going up the stairs, the walkers discover at each step delicate little flowers lost between the rocks or sumptuous leaves with amazing shapes and colors…

The landscaper's advice

This type of garden particularly deserves to be lit after dark. Solar bollards placed all along the staircase will prevent falls and bring a magical dimension to this rock garden. For special occasions, candle lighting is absolutely magical.


Trees Italian cypress "Stricta", black pine "Marie Brégeon", umbrella pine.

Embankment plants Spurge small cypress, precocious thyme, globular (Globularia cordifolia ), creeping juniper "Old Gold", winter heather "Fursey", bruriète "Royal Rouge", erigeron "Rosa Juwel".

Estimated budget

The installation of a sloping garden often requires large earthworks. Consult a landscaper for a quote. Our practical balcony, terrace and garden videos