Lamp light pellets

Lamp light pellets

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1 square base lampshade with eccentric ring (here, the base measures 18 cm on the side, 20 cm in height of the rod and 3 cm in height of the foot) Adhesive polyphane 1 roll of very thin non-adhesive plastic film (used to cover books) Iridescent sequins 1 ruler 1 cutter 1 pair of scissors Extra strong double-sided adhesive tape 15 mm wide white canvas tape

Production :

5 'Cutting

Cut a 75 x 20 cm rectangle out of the polyphane.

3 'Folding

Every 18 centimeters, gently incise the film protecting the polyphane, taking care not to damage it. Fold along the lines. Unfold.

5 'Application of sequins

Remove a first rectangle of 18 x 20 cm protective film, so that the adhesive polyphane appears. Sprinkle it with sequins, taking care not to place any astride the protective film which adjoins the hollowed out part. Replace (temporarily) the protective film you had removed to release the adhesive part of the polyphane.

20 'Distribution of sequins

Distribute the sequins over the entire shade, proceeding pan by pan as explained above.

7 'Collage

Remove all the protective films. Apply the plastic film by unrolling it progressively on the polyphane and smoothing it well with a cloth so as to avoid, as much as possible, the formation of air bubbles. Cut the plastic film that protrudes from the polyphane.

5 'Installation of the adhesive

Place a length of canvas tape at the base of the shade on the outside, leaving 8 to 9 millimeters longer.

5 'Closing the lampshade

Fold the lampshade and close it with double-sided adhesive tape.

10 'Positioning of the frame

Slide the frame inside the lampshade. Close the adhesive tape on the frame.


There are commercially available bulbs of all colors. Do not hesitate to play it and change it according to your mood. The color of the bulb, playing with the reflections of the sequins, will give you the illusion of a lamp each time different.

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