Tutorial: making an origami storage box

Tutorial: making an origami storage box

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You never have enough storage boxes to organize everything. Paper clips and drawing pins from the office, scrunchies and barrettes in the bathroom and even sachets of yeast and homemade cookies… in the end, the storage box budget is already out of reach. To be able to organize everything more easily, we opt for "homemade" origami storage boxes!

Equipment :

- 2 sheets of square paper: one 20cm side and one 15cm side

Budget: 0 euro Duration: 5 minutes


To make the box… 1. Choose a square sheet of paper (about 20 cm square). You can use origami paper, gift paper or just printer paper. Mark the two diagonals.

2. Fold down the two points opposite the center.

3. Fold the lower and upper part along the median. Mark the folds well.

4. Unfold to return to the original square.

5. Fold the other two points in the center (as for step 2).

6. Then fold the left and right part along the median (as for step 3).

7. Lift the upper point and the two sides of the box by folding the two triangles forming the junction fold over themselves. This step is delicate. To start, it is easier to start with a very rigid paper (printer paper 90g).

8. Fold the tip into the inside of the box.

9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to form the bottom side of the box.

10. And voila!

To make the cover: 1. To make the cover, the steps are similar. Use a smaller square of paper (about 15cm square) and mark the diagonals.

2. Fold down the 4 points in the center. Then place your box well in the center of the square obtained. You can thus raise the edges with a paper pencil, to know where to fold.

3. Unfold the tips on both sides. And fold the inner and upper part by making the fold on your mark.

4. Unfold everything to return to the basic square. Fold the points on both sides and fold the left and right part along your mark.

5. Repeat steps 7 to 10: it is the same principle to form the sides of the box.


Very practical and infinitely adjustable boxes so that everything is always tidy! And to offer cakes or carry a snack, you can make a first box of paper towels or parchment paper for the inside and a gift box for the outside. It will be more solid and pretty!

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