Storage accessories for teens

Storage accessories for teens

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The teenage bedroom is no longer a bedroom, it's a mini studio where young people looking for independence find refuge and stuff everything! Even if in the rebellious age, order rhymes with drudgery, by choosing clever furniture and accessories adapted to their look and their universe, teenagers could surprise you in terms of storage… When piles of clothes, books and notebooks for homework, cables and electronic devices intermingle in the same room, the parents' call for help resounds throughout the house. However, there are storage ideas that have everything to please teens and that will make them want to put some order in their room. The winning duo? Practicality and youthful style for all the spaces of the room.

Tote boxes and baskets

At the age when one asserts one's tastes, one does not do without music, telephone, computer, television, or video games. Who says electronic devices says cables! The solution to prevent a jumble of wires from invading the room: boxes! Storage that is not content to be ultra easy: the many patterns available (New York, London style, flowers, pop) have made it a trendy decoration accessory for teens.

Storage shelves and desk for maximum storage

It is certified, to work well, it is necessary to have a clear view. Nothing like it then to provide a maximum storage desk to avoid loose sheets on the worktop. Let your teenager choose it according to their tastes and if the drawers and lockers are not enough to install everything they need to work, opt for a shelf or a box box on casters, easily movable and willingly accommodating storage boxes!

A clever bed

Does the bed have a rest area? Think again ! The sleeping area can be very practical when choosing a box spring or a headboard with drawers. Nothing like a walk-in closet, shoes or other accessories at your fingertips when you wake up or go to bed ... Who said that tidying up a teenage bedroom is a feat? Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"