How I saved my wallet: the woolen plaids

How I saved my wallet: the woolen plaids

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1.Plaid in 100% Amaso wool La Redoute Interieurs € 59.90 2.Plaid in Malmoe gray Linnea wool € 58.25 3.Plaid in light blue merino wool with white star motif Preventino Amazon € 61.18 4.Plaid with pink chevrons powdered 80% Cyrillus wool € 59.90 5. Gray wool blanket embroidered with two deer heads Atelier de déco € 44.25 6. Heathered crepe plaid 35% Tasmanian wool sand brown Linnea € 71 7. 100 blank wool Europe et Nature 60 € 8.Plaid pure merino wool tartan pink red Nordic spirit 77.40 € 9.Plaid in mohair, wool and polyamide Aton beige Amazon 48.90 € 10.Wool plaid in checkerboard pattern brick color Skins and Decoration 59.20 €

Don't skimp on quality

To make the decor feel warm all winter, a pretty woolen blanket will be both aesthetic and much warmer than a cotton blanket. Unfortunately, some models come close to 150 or even 300 euros… But don't panic, there are just as silky plaids and guaranteed 100% wool for less than 80 euros. If you do not find what you are looking for, review your requirements a little bit down by choosing a plaid designed with a little less wool but a majority if possible.

A throw for all the pieces

To transform your sofa, your rocking chair or even your bed into a real cocoon this winter, the woolen plaid is ideal. For a rather classic style, head for the sweater braided models in sober colors like gray or beige. On the contrary, to be in the trend, bet on a model with the famous chevron pattern in a pretty gray or powder pink color in a more feminine universe. For a touch of originality, head to the United Kingdom with a plaid in Scottish print. Finally, to match the bright fall colors, adopt a soft beige or rusty plaid. Sure it will be a sensation on a rather sober fabric sofa!


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