Lighting up your garden with ecological lighting

Lighting up your garden with ecological lighting

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1. Fnac outdoor solar ball, € 68.40 2. Nevio Lampenwelt outdoor wall light, € 96.90 3. Lot of 2 Castorama solar outdoor beacons, € 34.90 4. Ecological wooden lighting Tools and Nature, € 5.34 5. Fermob outdoor LED portable lamp, € 68 6. ​​Watt & Home solar lantern, € 59.90 7. Set of 6 Large Amazon LED Garden Torches, € 43.99 8. Ledino Philips wall lantern, € 76 9. wall lamp solar wall light with Conrad motion detector, € 42.99 10. Naos Castorama outdoor bollard, € 52.95

Green lighting

Even if it means having a garden, why not keep the spirit of nature down to the details. We are therefore looking more closely at 'green lamps'. Especially since many green products have emerged. Most often, photovoltaic technology is used, like solar panels. We also appreciate that these new generation lights do not require any connection, and are therefore easier to install. If you have not yet crossed the cape, this is the moment where ever to get started!

Designs for all tastes

When choosing the lamp (s) that will light up your long summer evenings, you will be spoiled for choice. Between wall lights, nomadic models and those to plant in the ground, everyone will find the perfect light for their garden. We also take advantage of being able to choose the material of the pieces: wood to play the eco-natural spirit to the end, or metal to bring a vintage, industrial or super design side. Special mention for the wax-filled tree trunk, ideal for grilling chamallows in summer, but also warming your hands the rest of the year. We love !