How to hide the bowls of animals in your kitchen?

How to hide the bowls of animals in your kitchen?

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The layout of the kibble corner: a real headache! An involuntary kick in the bowls and water spills everywhere. A sliding bowl, and here is our dog who takes his food to the four corners of the kitchen. To make the kibble space as practical as it is design, here are our 5 solutions!

Bowls integrated into kitchen furniture

How about eating with your family? Many architects choose to integrate the bowls into the kitchen furniture: a practical solution for animals as well as for their humans. Discreetly concealed, the bowls are always available for our animals.

The practical solution: food and stock space

Have you found an old bench or a small chest of drawers? It is the ideal type of furniture to make a "food station" or dining area for your animal. The principle: arrange a space for the bowls and another to store the kibbles, toys, and all his belongings.

The recovery solution: simple and fast

Short time, no handyman and not a lot of budget? Here is the solution for you! The most important thing: that the bowls are not on the ground and well fixed. For this, you can use a simple shelf in which you drill a hole according to the diameter of the bowls. You can also make a variant with two old chairs, for an unusual decoration.

The solution for ultra-connected people

For geeks, here is some news that will delight you: there are water and food dispensers connected. The concept ? You program your animal's rations from your Smartphone, follow its diet and know the state of the reserves so that you never run out of kibble! And little bonus: no tinkering and a turnkey design solution.

The space saving solution

More room to create a piece of furniture for the bowls and the stock of kibble? Use the space under your kitchen furniture! Create a drawer at the plinths, insert the bowls and voila. The disadvantage of this type of arrangement: you must always leave the drawer open! Your animals need to have constant supply of water, especially during hot weather.

It's up to you to choose the right solution for your home and your four-legged friend!