Curtains: Measurements and installation

Curtains: Measurements and installation

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Good to know

Some very light fabrics (tulle, organza, cotton veil, etc.) are difficult to handle, move constantly and resist pinning. Even if it is a bit tedious, do not hesitate to spot the straight edge of your fabric and carefully pin your hem by opting for a double tuck, much more solid. Work 20 cm by 20 cm which you will stitch in the machine or hem by hand as you go. On the contrary, some very dry and fairly rigid fabrics require perfect angles without extra thickness. Here is the procedure to follow to carry them out.
Fold the hem over all the edges of the fabric and iron it, insisting on the edges and angles.
Open the hem, fold the angle over the first fold and mark this diagonal with an iron.
Cut this point 3 mm from the fold.
Fold this small surplus and fold the sides of the fabric, placing them well edge to edge to form a beautiful right angle.
Pin, then hold the edges of the corner with a slipped stitch before machine stitching the hem. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006