Stickers that light up!

Stickers that light up!

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New kinds of stickers are coming! These are the stickers that we can light. Stickers with unique electroluminescent technology, designed by the brand Plage, specialist in decorative adhesives.

For the magic of light to work, you must connect these stickers to an adapter, which works with batteries or recharges via a USB port. Please note, this adapter is sold separately (recommended retail price: 39.90 euros). A footswitch adjustment system allows you to flash the light, depending on the desired ambiance. Know that the light intensity remains soft and not aggressive for the eyes. Azaia, the name of this range of hyper trendy stickers, includes 7 references with varied patterns and sizes, to adapt to your decorating desires. A romantic touch with the "Bedside lamp" model, design with the large or small bulb (size 84 x 49 cm or 36 x 21 cm) or even urban with the "Big building" models (size 120 x 43.60 cm) and "London". Find the Azaia range and adapters in DIY stores and specialized stores. Recommended retail price: from € 29.90 per sticker.