The film decor The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese

The film decor The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese

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After Gatsby the Magnificent, we find Leonardo DiCaprio in another role where he literally blazes everything that has, until losing those he loves. The American director returns to the front of the stage with his latest film The Wolf of Wall Street released in late December 2013.

5th film for the duo DiCaprio and Scorsese

After the infiltrators we find our favorite duo in The Wolf of Wall Street. Adapted from Jordan Belfort's book, it tells the rise and then the fall of one of the biggest stock brokers at the end of the 1980s. Played by Léonardo DiCaprio, the main character takes us with him in his delusions of drug addicts addicted to sex and money. We then enter a world little known to the general public, that of finance and all that surrounds this world where money makes happiness: lies, prostitutes, drugs, travel, yachts ... We leave the film surprised by the context in who evolve the characters of the film but amazed by the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio, who finds a role at the height of his talent.

Jordan Belfort's decor

Once back at home, we play with the codes of the film by recreating the bling-bling decoration and catch the eye straight out of the 1990s for a vintage and festive atmosphere, the lines of cocaine less. The extravagance of the house in which it was filmed was such that during a visit the decorator and the director of the film got lost in it. Starting with the living room, you can install a large leather sofa that will impress your guests and a glass table to remind the scene where Donnie Azoff collapses after yet another swallowed cachet. An industrial style lamp can also be added to the office, as when Jordan Belfort set up his first company in an old garage. The premises of Stratton Oakmont are coming to you! We put on a final bling-bling touch with posters and photos that appeal to the world of film.