The role of switches in interior design

The role of switches in interior design

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For a personalized, refined and elegant interior decoration, every detail counts. Also, replace your switches by more aesthetic models and design is highly recommended. Today, the range is diversified and offers you to opt for the accessory that matches the ambiance of your home. Here are some tips, which will help you select the type of switch that suits your needs.

Switches for all atmospheres

As we have said, the aesthetic side of a switch should not be overlooked. Thanks to a wide variety colors and textures, it is possible to adapt this accessory according to your current decoration. Are you looking for a switch that goes perfectly with the warm atmosphere of your living room? In this case, why not turn to a model in birch or stable wood, for example ? If however you have opted for warm wood furniture, opt for teak or wenge finishes.
The switch is also adorned dynamic and fun colors, perfect for a child's bedroom. In specialized shops, you will find a wide selection of colors and find the right accessory for the part.
Have you bet on design and modernity for your interior decoration? In this case, turn to a discreet aluminum switch for example. Glass can also be considered. This then becomes a real decorative element in its own right.
You will understand, it is quite possible to turn to a custom switch for your interior. Besides the colors, materials and textures, other aspects of this electrical equipment must be taken into account, before launching a purchase.

Prefer built-in switches, for more discretion

The flush switch is the preferred solution if you are looking for a discreet accessory, since it will only exceed a few millimeters. However, before opting for this option, it is essential to make sure that your wall or partition can be dug and has the necessary depth, for fitting the housing.
Unfortunately, if this cannot be considered, you will have to choose a protruding switch. However, as we saw earlier, you will most certainly find the aesthetic model that suits your needs.

Wireless switches: practical and discreet

This innovative technology using radio waves allows the switch to be placed, glued or even transported everywhere in the house, thanks to the absence of electric wires. This material can completely replace a conventional switch and thus allows you to limit the number of accessories in a room. Note also that it is possible to choose it in standard version, or to opt for a back-and-forth model. On the other hand, many finishes are available.

The different types of orders

The aesthetic appearance of your switch also depends the type of command you will choose. The back-and-forth system, unlike the lever (a control that tends to disappear) is a more decorative solution. The sensitive surface, which equips touch switches, offers great discretion: you just have to put your finger on it to turn it on or off.
The touch switch can also be considered: by passing your hand a few centimeters from the equipment, it is possible to trigger it. This command is also very discreet and above all very practical.
Whatever command you are interested in, it is always possible to personalize your switch thanks to the various solutions offered on specialized sites. However, if you do not want to replace your electrical accessories, other options can be chosen, to adapt your existing switches to the decoration of your interior. This is what we will see now.

Change your switches at low cost: our advice

Indeed, thanks toux stickers and other cover plates, your switches change their look and adapt to the ambiance of your living rooms.

Stickers for switches

Particularly simple to use, just select the one that suits you and just stick it around the switch of your choice. This solution is particularly recommended to decorate a child's room for example, or bring a little pep's to your current decor.

The finishing plates

Whatever your favorite style, there are dfinishing plates adapted to your needs. Different materials, colors and textures are available to you, you just have to make your choice! On the other hand, installing them is a breeze. First, turn off the power at your main circuit breaker. Then remove the existing plate using a screwdriver, then clip new equipment around the switch.
Whether glass, aluminum, recessed, wireless or personalized, the switch has a real aesthetic asset for your interior decoration. Also, as part of a renovation, several solutions can be envisaged to make this electrical material a decorative object in its own right. So let yourself be tempted!