Black and white facing bricks for indoors or outdoors

Black and white facing bricks for indoors or outdoors

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Since January 2010, Orsol has been offering two new colors for its facing bricks: black and white. The addition of mica crystal gives them a very special shine that can be adjusted according to the light. Black & White, here is the name of the last decorative bricks offered by the company Orsol. First innovation: the colors. In a contemporary spirit, white and black adapt to modern decoration without abandoning the warm side of the stone . But Orsol also brought mica crystal . This natural crystal from Eastern Europe, gives brick strong resistance and makes it a good thermal insulator . An aesthetic advantage, the Mica crystal brings a shine to the brick which varies depending on the light. The bricks are available in different lengths (20 to 22cm in length x 25cm in width and 5cm in thickness), to avoid aligning the joints from one row to another. The laying of the bricks is carried out either without edge-to-edge joints on an adhesive mortar or with a joint of the same shade as the brick. Finally on the price side, count around 65 euros for a surface of one square meter. To find a point of sale near you: visit the Orsol website.


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