I hijacked an Ikea shelf in jewelry range

I hijacked an Ikea shelf in jewelry range

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The American blog Ikea Haker publishes the achievements of fans of the recovery and misappropriation of Ikea furniture. First try for Monique who presents us her jewelry range! Some improvements and the Ätran wall unit from Ikea is transformed into a "jewelry display stand". Monique tells how she came to this transformation. "Hijacking an Ikea object (the Ätran wall element) was a great first. I needed storage for my jewelry, and more particularly for my earrings. I wanted to be able to store them while having access easy for all my pairs of earrings. A small closet was the solution but I couldn't find anything cheap that would have had the elegant design I was looking for. During one of my trips to Ikea, I found the "Ätran shelf, which met all my criteria: the color was perfect, the elegance… the shelves inside. I didn't want my earrings to fall to the ground and get lost. therefore seemed ideal in order to recover the earrings! So I bought two Ätran elements and I put them side by side. I used iron skewers that I found at home to make the "mini -tringles "to hang my loops and br To fix these rods, I used magnets since the walls are made of metal and I wanted it to remain completely removable and not to damage the furniture. I stuck the beads on the magnets using a simple glue. I was thus able to attach the two magnets together so that the rod remains in place resting on the two magnets and is flexible enough against the walls. I was also able to save money by using materials I already had at home, such as glue, iron skewers and magnets. My jewelry range is very functional and I am very happy! "

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Translated article from the Ikea Hacker site And you, have you ever transformed an object? Send us your achievements by filling out the Participate!