8 great outdoor play ideas for kids

8 great outdoor play ideas for kids

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1. A wooden sandbox

The Sandbox, it's a bit of the classic of classics in terms of outdoor games for children. And yet it may have existed for decades and not be incredibly original, it always makes the happiness of the little ones who like to squat in it and play in the sand as to make pies and other ephemeral constructions!

Today, there are even "sand tables": sandboxes but smaller, mounted on legs, which allow children to play with sand without crouching ... and incidentally without getting everywhere !

2. A wooden competition hut

It's a fact: kids love wooden huts! What could be more logical: in a garden, the cabin is the refuge, the hideout and the playground for the little ones who can spend hours on end without seeing the time pass. But to really delight your toddlers with an outdoor game worthy of the name, opt for THE competition hut: a raised hut with access by stairs or multiple ladders, and above all a slide to return to the interior in less than long enough to say it!

3. A play area

In the kingdom of children's outdoor games, swings are queens. So if you want to reserve your kids long frenzied afternoons with shouts of joy and giggles in perspective, equip your exterior with a playset fitted with swings and slides. With that, they will be spoiled for choice for fun!

4. A trampoline with protective net

One of children's favorite activities is jumping happily for hours. So if you are looking to invest in equipment for young and old, think no more, and opt for a trampoline robust with protective net to prevent falls and other accidents. This is an outdoor game that your children will never tire of!

5. An inflatable castle

Princes and princesses will not sulk their pleasure in front of a superb bouncy castle colored. Their favorite pastime? Getting in and out by jostling each other happily, sliding on the slides, playing with the balls (some models are equipped with ball pools!) ... Morality: with an inflatable castle in the garden, you risk being quiet for a while!

6. An outdoor children's kitchen

Install a small kitchen in a garden is the dream of toddlers who want to imitate their parents. This outdoor toy for children will therefore meet all their expectations wonderfully! Your toddlers will love to think they are great chefs, and if you have an orchard or vegetable patch in your garden, this is the jackpot!

7. A picnic table

A nice picnic table, this is a perfect gift for a child with a touch of society who loves to receive (and cook dishes from his outdoor kitchen!). Imagine the joy of your child inviting all his friends to sit down to enjoy a good snack outdoors! Who knows ? You may be there ...

8. Mini football goals

In 99.99% of cases, children love ball games. So if you want an outdoor game for kids that is sure to hit the target, choose mobile mini football cages, which your children can move around the garden according to their desires!