Dried flowers for a poetic decoration

Dried flowers for a poetic decoration

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Plants, natural materials, plant motifs ... No doubt, nature has reigned supreme in our interiors for several years. If tropical prints are the trend for lovers of exotic style, dried flowers, meanwhile, attract fans of feminine and poetic decoration. Forget their dusty images, dried flowers reinvent themselves and breathe a breath of freshness into our interiors ... See more!

A trend that is blooming in 2018

Whereas in the past, we thought them old-fashioned and kitsch, dried flowers are coming back to the forefront of the decor scene. Far from the image of the potpourri of our grandmothers, the dried flowers want to be textured, poetic but above all they perfectly represent the wild spirit of our countryside. If they are trendy this year, it is because they are more durable than fresh flowers. Not only do they keep longer but they also require very little maintenance since they only need to be dusted from time to time (using a hair dryer in cold mode). Anyway, this floral trend invites dried flowers to explore many forms. Beyond the traditional bouquet, the dried flowers break free and invest in frames, crowns and even bells…

The traditional bouquet of flowers

© Grands Boulevards Hôtel Clearly dried flowers are THE plant trend to adopt in 2018! So much so that even the trendiest places use them in their decor. This is the case of Grands Boulevards Hôtel in Paris (decorated by Dorothée Meilichzon) where dried flowers find their place in a large part of the rooms. Anyway, the vase must be chosen carefully so that it can highlight both the flowers and your interior. Opt for a bottle of apothecary for a retro spirit, a zinc watering can for a bucolic style or even a woven basket for a hippie chic style!

A romantic flower crown

© Black Confetti Even if flower wreaths are generally used for weddings or end of year celebrations, nothing prevents you from enjoying them all year round. And to do this, nothing like a house creation. All the more, it simply takes a metal circle, wire and flowers to make it. The good news ? The Internet is full of tutorials to help you get started. We have set our sights on the association of dried flowers with fresh flowers like this colorful creation from the Black Confetti blog. But we also like this eucalyptus version of the Sandra & Ruben blog for its sobriety and elegance.

© N / A

Suspended and aerial

© Monsieur Marguerite To adopt the dried flowers in an original way in your interior, how about making a garland of flowers? Poetic at will, it is easy to make (as proven by Mr. Marguerite's DIY) and brings softness and delicacy to your decor. Hanging on the wall or on the ceiling, the wreath of dried flowers can easily find its place at the head of the bed, above a window or even on a balcony! If you like the idea of ​​hanging them, you can also arrange a bouquet of dried flowers in a macrame suspension.

A herbarium-style frame

© Herbarium If dried flowers appeal to decoration enthusiasts, it is because they offer a journey back in time. To take full advantage of flowers and plants and observe their evolution over time, there is a solution: herbarium-style frames. In a botanical spirit, they immortalize the beauty of nature under glass. Over time, the colors fade and offer a new look at flowers. For an interior with character, consider accumulating several herbarium frames of different sizes on the same section of wall.

Under bell

© Atelier Prairies If garlands and wreaths of dried flowers appeal to fans of Scandinavian, bohemian and bucolic decoration, the dried flowers in a bell will cause a sensation among decorators like curiosity cabinets. Indeed, presented in this way, the dried flowers take on a whole new dimension. Placed in the center of the table, on a shelf or on the desk, the bell of dried flowers inevitably catches the eye. Some shops have even taken hold of the trend and offer magnificent creations under the glass like this ultra refined version signed Atelier Prairies.

Where to find dried flowers?

As for the varieties, you can opt for a good number of flowers and grasses to be picked directly from nature: Gypsophila, hydrangeas, lavender, poppy heads, sprigs of wheat, eucalyptus, blue thistles, cotton flowers, branches ... If you dry them yourself, prefer the natural technique by hanging them (stems upside down) in a dark and dry place. If you don't dare to get started, you can always buy them on specialized sites. Among the best known, we can mention Jeanne Paris (tailor-made creations), Bergamotte, Pampa (in Paris and soon throughout France) or even (wholesaler open to individuals).