Before / after: metamorphosis of an apartment to accommodate a family

Before / after: metamorphosis of an apartment to accommodate a family

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Succeeding in making a small 30m2 apartment a real family cocoon was the challenge for the company ELC DECO. The architect had to modernize the premises and restructure the spaces while fitting out a room for a child. Most important ? Create discreet storage for all family affairs! Surface: 30 m² Agency: ELC DECO Budget: € 35,000 Duration of works: two months

Before: a poorly functional apartment

The owners called on an architect because the spaces had to be reviewed to meet their lifestyle. They also had in mind a very precise specification: integrate a fixed mattress for parents, so avoid convertible sofas at all costs, create a real child's room and finally find storage for this small space. In addition, the apartment had a slightly dated decoration : a small, impractical partitioned kitchen, with old tiles and furniture that has lived well ... An entrance with paneling, rather dated bathroom tiles and, on the floor, a damaged linoleum. The work to overhaul everything lasted a little over two months, without any particular constraints: electrical plan, estimate of the work, decorative research, ordering of furniture, supplies and materials and site monitoring…

Before renovation: an outdated apartment!

Completely reorganize the living space

The important thing for this family was to have a bright and modern apartment , a larger lounge area and new storage. So we had to renovate the apartment from top to bottom and find a decorative inspiration. Many partitions have been demolished: * in the entrance which was very dark and small, * in the kitchen, in order to enlarge and brighten the living room * between the living room and the bedroom: to gain width in the living space and to allow the creation of a seating area. The kitchen has been brought up to date: white and refined, it is discreet to give a real impression of space. The bathroom has kept the same configuration but it has been refreshed. Despite its small size, 1.85m2, the architect has managed the feat of integrating a toilet. wall-hung, vanity unit and shower with built-in taps. All without giving the impression of a confined space, with a water tank cleverly concealed behind the door. Finally, a nice ceramic tile with marble look brings a chic touch to the pond, which also seems brighter.

With a dominant of white, the apartment seems brighter and more spacious.

Smart layouts for a practical small apartment

Who says small apartment, says tricks to make it functional. In the L-shaped kitchen, the washing machine and the refrigerator have been hidden, which avoids loading the room. Finally, to further gain modularity, the Ikea dining table is extendable. On the decor side, the Darty kitchen is in bright white lacquer, and the laminate worktop has a wood look. In the living room, the decoration was also chosen with care. The BoConcept walnut sideboard provides plenty of storage; it is cleverly highlighted by a satin fabric wallpaper. The blue fabric sofa was selected for its compact size and custom shelves have been installed to frame the radiator and create new storage spaces. In fact, there is very little furniture: everything is almost tailor-made (cupboard, shelves) to save space and facilitate circulation.

Storage made to measure to optimize each square centimeter!

Well-defined sleeping areas and optimized storage

The owners wanted to keep a two-room apartment by integrating a child's bedroom. It was however essential to keep a "real" parental bed so as not to have to sleep on a convertible sofa. The architect's tip was to create a set of custom-made wardrobes with three doors in the living room and to integrate under them a sliding bed 140cm wide. No loss of space, therefore! For the child's bedroom, a single bed was placed on a platform and custom storage was created. The white painted walls enlarge the space and the back wall has been decorated with multicolored wallpaper which delimits the sleeping area and brings a lot of cheerfulness to this children's space. A small, rather discreet white desk has been installed, as well as shelves and felt storage boxes. Finally, under the platform, a hatch on the ground can store imposing items such as suitcases or large toys. To complete the decor, a PVC look wood floor was installed throughout the apartment. It is resistant to water (perfect for the kitchen in particular), but also to shock and friction: the bed on casters can therefore slide without fear!

Two well-defined sleeping areas, including a lovely child's bedroom!